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  1. Working on another homemade song.


  2. Where I Want to be Led

    Hello dear friend,

    I have another funky home recording for you.

    If you liked this song please share it with your friends!

    Here are this week’s gigs:
    April 21st Chicago, IL @ Tonic Room  8 pm
    April 23rd Chicago, IL @ Martyr’s 9 pm
    April 24th Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s 9 pm
    April  25th Madison, WI @ Sugar Shack Records  2:30 pm
    April 25th Madison, WI @ Indie Coffee 7pm
    April 26th Eau Claire, WI  House Show @ 215 8th Ave  8pm
    April 27th Minneapolis, MN Brunch House Show @ 11 am
    April 27th Minneapolis, MN @ Hymie’s Vintage Records 3:30 pm

    Julia Lucille


  3. I had merch money stolen while I was playing

    I had money stolen from my merch stand the other night, which made me really angry at the time. I felt betrayed and didn’t understand why someone would steal from an artist that was…

    Tumblr friend— I’m moving my website from Tumblr to the one above. If you want to keep following me, there’s a place to sign up for emails at the top of the site. I’ve been sending out weekly home recordings and the next one comes out tomorrow!


  4. From last night’s show at Hotel Vegas. Thank you for coming out! Photo by Emily Cross.



  6. I’m playing at Hotel Vegas tomorrow eve and finally have all the details for you.

    Doors at 9pm / Julia Lucille (930-1015) /Field Dress (1030-1115) / Cross Record (1130-1215) $3

    Hope to see your pretty face!



  8. Heyo! I’m playing at Hotel Vegas this Sunday evening with Cross Record and Field Dress. Not sure of the time yet, but they open at 9 or 9:30, so probably soon after that. Will keep ya posted!

    Facebook event is here.


  9. Some photos from the Chill Phases SXSW party